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About Gezeiten

About Gezeiten


GEZEITEN combines pioneering biotechnology with a deep understanding of the evolutionary origins of the human species to create high efficiency skincare that works in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm and the skin’s natural microbiome.

Founded on the Chronobiological method, GEZEITEN‘s groundbreaking skincare approach is rooted in the scientific understanding of the skin cells’ circadian rhythm, key to fundamental processes including protection, rest & recharge, and the stem cell activity responsible for skin repair and regeneration.

GEZEITEN‘s products are formulated to address specific cellular needs during the skin’s daytime ‘stress’ and nighttime ‘renewal’ phases, by delivering harmoniously interacting active ingredients at optimal times, and stimulating the skin’s own defence and cell regeneration mechanisms.

At the heart sits GEZEITEN‘s proprietary Earth Marine Celltech Complex®, a powerful skin-perfecting formulation of biotech ingredients, marine extracts and mineral-rich suboceanic water concentrate, translating the aquatic origins of the human species into a high-efficacy response to a range of contemporary skincare challenges. 

About Gezeiten


Just as the seas shape the shores we live on, over millennia, natural rhythms carved every detail of the way the human body looks, works and feels, through an ebb and flow of stress, damage, repair and reset.

Generation by generation and eon by eon, our species developed from single cell organisms into an impossibly complex life form, existing in delicate symbiosis with with the elements and ecosystems from which we evolved.

But in a world built by human hand, we find ourselves losing touch with our instincts, our origins and the systems that support us.

And the skin – the body's interface with this new reality – is left brutally exposed to rapidly advancing stressors of lifestyle, travel, climate and pollutants.

As we stand at the dawn of a new era for humanity, the key is reconnecting with the innate truths of our existence.

By exploring and embracing our symbiosis with the elements and ecosystems from which we evolved, we can unlock new potential in the world we are building.

Working with marine biologists and a world-leading dermatology lab, GEZEITEN has developed this vision into a new approach to skincare.

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Essentialist product approach


GEZEITEN takes an essentials-only approach to product development, as the key to efficient lies not in more but in better.

Which is why our focus is on an ultra-performing and simplified skin regimen, developed using high-efficiency ingredients and a dynamic system which uses rigorous ingredient concentration, bioavailability and encapsulation. This system addresses the specific and distinct needs during the skin's daily phases, avoiding unnecessary steps in the daily routine.

The result is a tight product line-up of five transformative treatments that work with the skin's cellular rhythms and natural microbiomes to address skin's most urgent and essential challenges.